Stand FIRM

  Time to stand firm in the faith, in my convictions. Resistance are bound to be there, but I’m trusting in Your heart 🙂 👊🏼 shift. 

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I Need You more…

I Need You More More than yesterday I Need You More More than words can say I Need You More Than ever before I Need You Lord I Need You More In the stillness, You are here.. Love dwelling in His Presence before I start studying.. 🙂 A levels are just coming up in two […]

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Loving What We Do

Served with the most epic, funniest team on Sun 🙂 so happy to be serving because it always make my heart feel  so full and I feel like a beginner again, where I simply desire to give God nothing but the best, and remind myself that it is always a privilege to serve in the […]

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Precious Gems 😊💛

Went for CIP today, but my heart was stirred.. More than just the fun and the cute conversations that the kids had with us, this child was so different.. My heart broke when the teacher scolded him that why can’t he fit his hands into the sock puppet while all his friends can and asked […]

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